Many people are forced to flee the comfort of their homes because of war, oppression and persecution, and seek asylum or protection in another country such as the UK.

People are persecuted for different reasons such as their race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, political opinion, gender, sexual orientation or membership of a particular social group.

They often cannot approach the authorities of their country for help and find a safe place to live a normal life in another part of their country.

Many such individuals endure severe hardship in making the arduous journey to the UK, often risking life and limb to arrive in a safe country.

“When I lost my case, no solicitor agreed to take the chance to have my case, but Mr Ansari, Riverway Law, had the courage to do it. He was abroad on a holiday, and there was no financial motive to take it. Nevertheless he was supportive and full of hope and patient enough to take my details over the phone to launch my appeal and my family members’ appeals.”

Omar, Swansea
Asylum appeal

A grant of asylum or refugee status enables an individual to live securely in the UK and prevents his or her forced removal or deportation to the country from which they face persecution.

Even if you are not fleeing persecution for any of these specific reasons, it may be possible to secure you a grant of humanitarian protection on the basis that your home country is simply too dangerous to return to.

At Riverway Law, we recognise the traumatic experiences our clients have gone through and will always be there to listen, understand and empathise.

Our experts have a history of assisting clients to obtain refugee status from a number of different countries for a variety of reasons.

These include

  • India (religion/political opinion)
  • Russia (religion / political opinion)
  • Saudi Arabia (political opinion)
  • Fiji (political opinion)
  • Bhutan (ethnicity)
  • Egypt (political opinion)
  • Turkmenistan (political opinion)
  • Pakistan (particular social group)
  • Iraq (religion)
  • Guinea-Bissau (political opinion)
  • Zimbabwe (political opinion)
  • Somalia (ethnicity)
  • Eritrea (political opinion, religion)
  • Sudan (ethnicity)
  • Sri Lanka (political opinion)
  • Libya (political opinion)
  • Syria (political opinion)
  • Iran (religion, political opinion, particular social group)

We pride ourselves on ensuring that we understand our clients cases thoroughly and work with suitable country and medical experts where necessary to achieve the best outcome for them.