Foreign nationals who are convicted of criminal offences in the UK often face a double penalty facing the possibility of being deported from the UK on completion of their prison sentence.

Anyone convicted of a serious offence or who receives a prison sentence of at least 12 months is automatically liable for deportation.

This can be an extremely difficult time for such individuals and their family members who are often British citizens or settled in the UK.

‘The level of professionalism Fahad delivered helped ease a lot of anxiety. I am also grateful for his professionalism but also so personable, Fahad was understanding and didn’t treat us as a case number but as human beings with empathy. He had a lot confidence in our case and fought all corners with sensitivity & understanding on a level. Great result!’

-Mbali, Luton

The threshold for successfully resisting deportation on human rights grounds is very high and the immigration rules on deportation are constantly being interpreted and re-interpreted by the higher courts, leaving a great deal of uncertainty among clients.

The Secretary of State will often serve individuals with documents informing them they are liable to deportation while they are in prison or in an immigration removal centre. A very limited time period is given to explain why you should not be deported and you should seek legal advice immediately.

Our experts are very experienced in deportation cases and will visit you in prison or the immigration removal centre you are being detained in. We will liaise with your family members and work with independent probation officers, forensic psychologists and independent social workers where relevant to strengthen your case against deportation.