Brexit has created an understandable level of anxiety among European nationals and their families due to the uncertainty of their future in the UK.

Our experts are on hand to listen and advise about the most appropriate solutions and the new EU Settlement Scheme.

Our current advice is for all European nationals and their families to obtain documentary evidence of their right to reside in the UK under European law.

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EU Settled Status and Naturalisation

While European nationals who are working or studying in the UK or who are self-self-employed or self-sufficient, may automatically live and work in the UK, it is advisable to obtain a document confirming this right.

Family members of such individuals also have the right to live and work in the UK.

It is critical to provide the Home Office with the relevant evidence of the relationship between you and your family member, particularly if that family member is an unmarried partner or member of your extended family.

We have specialist knowledge and experience of complex cases concerning the right to reside in the UK due to allegations of ‘sham’ marriages, marital breakdown and long-term illness.